Take the Next Step in Learning Chinese!

Level B’s 30 new readers build on the Level A vocabulary and introduce over 400 new Chinese words through stories organized around 10 curricular themes. Each of the three readers in a theme introduces 9-18 new Chinese terms while recycling previously learned vocabulary. The series has been designed to fit flexibly into any classroom—new words are introduced independently in each theme, and each theme reinforces content learned in other subject areas.

What’s New In Level B?

  • Longer stories in a larger format
  • More abstract subjects to increase the sophistication of student thinking and reinforce national standards in Science and Social Studies.
  • More complex sentence structures. See our new grammar section for the grammar structures introduced and reinforced in each story!

Please feel free to browse through the resources provided on this website. Here you will find audio downloads, easy-to-use flashcards with and without English, customizable vocabulary and grammar structure lists, and more.

Step by Step was developed by the Chinese Flagship Center
at Brigham Young University and is distributed by Cheng & Tsui.

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